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Teen Titans

[We open to a few CDs sitting on a shelf.]

Beast Boy's voice: Oh! Sweet!

[Beast Boy's gloved hand come into view and grabs one of the CDs. Cut to Beast Boy standing in a music store with Starfire behind him. Beast Boy holds up the CD as his eyes sparkle. Starfire turns to see what CD he is holding.]

Beast Boy: They finally released the soundtrack to Mega Monkeys 5!
Starfire: Wonderful, Beast Boy.

[Beast Boy hugs the CD as joyful tears run down his cheeks.]

Beast Boy: The music from the final installment of the Mega Monkeys universe. It's so…so…

[Beast Boy holds up the CD again and his eyes pop out of his head as he looks at it. He lowers the CD, a sweat drop slides down the side of his face, and then he turns to Starfire.]

Beast Boy: Star, Could I borrow a couple of bucks?
Starfire: (Shaking head) Forgive me, Beast Boy, but I intend to spend my money on the music of AmiYumi (Holds up a CD).

[Beast Boy looks down at his CD with tears in his eyes. Pan camera over to the right to see Cyborg and Raven also looking at CDs and continue to pan camera over until we come to Robin who is wearing a set of headphones and playing air guitar. Robin looks over to his right and suddenly stops what he was doing. Cut to Robin's point of view to see a young man standing at the end of the aisle watching the Titans. As soon as he realizes that Robin has spotted him he turns and walks off to the front of the store. Cut back to Robin who decides to ignore him and goes back to playing his air guitar. Cut to the front of the store just in time to see a car come flying through the wall. Robin quickly pulls his cape up in front of his face to shield himself. The other Titans run to Robin's side.]

Robin: Lets go!

[Without another word the Titans all rush through the hole in the wall and out into the streets. We now see what appears to be a young man in an armored battle suit lifting a car off the street and then throwing it into the side of another building. This is Vigor. Vigor lets out a heavily distorted laugh. The rest of Vigor's line are also heavily distorted.]

Vigor: Nothing like lifting a few thousand pounds in the morning to make you feel ready to face the day.

[Suddenly Vigor is knocked back by a blast from Cyborg's sonic cannon and smashed back first into a bus. The Titans all stand ready for Vigor's next move. The armored teen gets back up and then looks over at the Titans.]

Vigor: Well, well, well. If it isn't the goody, goody Titans that I've heard so much about. It's a pleaser to meet you. Allow me it introduces myself. My name is Vigor and I'm the villain that's finally going to put a stop to you heroes.

[Cut to a close up of Robin with the boy that was spying on him earlier watching them in the background hiding behind the shattered remains of the music store's walls. (For the sake of the script I'm telling you now that this curious kid is Duplicate, but his name isn't revealed until later in the episode.)]

Robin: We'll see about that. Titans! Go!

[Pan the camera over to Duplicate and zoom in as he looks on in uncertainty.]

[Cue Titans Theme Song]

[We now see Vigor's hands spark, and then beams of yellow energy go flying from the metal-gloved fingertips. The Titans all take off in different directions to avoid the blast. Starfire shoots a barrage of star-bolt down on the enemy, but when we pan down to Vigor all the star-bolts ricochet off the metal armor and hit a near by car, a light pole, and fire hydrant. Cut back to Starfire who's face has "Oops" written all over it. Raven levitates over behind Vigor.]

Raven: Azarath Metrion Zinthose!

[Raven uses her powers on a car (the on that Starfire just hit) and flings it towards Vigor. Vigor turns around, puts up a hand, the car stops short, and is engulfed in sparks. The sparks all flow into Vigor and the toasted car falls onto the street.]

Vigor: Ah, Thanks for the recharge.

[Vigor fires another blast of energy towards Raven who drops out of the way into one of her portals. Cyborg runs up and grabs Vigor from behind.]

Cyborg: Some pretty impressive tech you got there, man.
Vigor: You're not too bad yourself, Mussels.

[Suddenly Cyborg starts to spark (the same way the car had earlier) and as before the sparks all flow into Vigor. Cyborg (his armor now dark blue instead of baby blue) releases his grip on Vigor and then falls to the floor.]

Vigor: That should be enough juice for the ride home.

[A birderang bounces off the villain's armor and we cut to Robin who is running up with a handful of his explosive discs. Cut down to Vigor's boots, which apparently have rockets on the bottom of them. Cut to a wider shot as Vigor jumps up into the air leaving a very surprised Robin behind. Vigor looks down at the Titans and then gestures as if trying counting them all. Vigor suddenly hears a caw from behind and turns to look. Cut to Vigor's point of view as a green crow is diving down at the villain. Cut to a shot from above the crow suddenly turns into a hippo, smashes right into Vigor, and they both hit the floor (Vigor underneath the hippo). The hippo quickly transforms back into Beast Boy who gets up looking a little rattled. In a flash, Vigor stands up and blasts Beast Boy into the what remains of the music store's wall where Duplicate (still in the same place) looks over at Beast Boy with concern. He finally runs over and kneels down beside the injured shapeshifter.]

Duplicate: Are you alright?

[Duplicate's attention is suddenly drawn away from Beast Boy by a load creaking sound. Cut to his point of view as Vigor lifts a bus and then throws it at Starfire who is flying above the two boys. Starfire uses her optic blast to slice the bus in half, but one half of the bus comes hurtling down towards the boys. Duplicate stares wide eyed, as the shadow of the bus hurtling towards him grows larger and larger. Suddenly Duplicate's eyes glow with a green light and shoot an optic blast at the bus, which is knocked safely a few feet away. Duplicate stares in shock with his still glowing eyes at the fallen half of the bus. He closes his eyes, shakes off the shock, and when he opens his eyes they are back to normal. He looks up and sees Starfire now firing star-bolts at a few pieces of debris that are flying at her. Duplicate looks down at his hands, his eyes glow again, and then he fires a few star-bolts of his own towards Vigor. The blasts land all around Vigor causing a dust cloud to surround the very confused enemy. Cut to Starfire, then Robin, then Cyborg (getting up), and then Raven as each of them stare at Duplicate in amazement. Suddenly a beam of energy flies from the dust cloud and knocks Duplicate onto his back. Vigor emerges from the cloud very angrily and rushes towards Duplicate.]

Vigor: This is a private fight, kiddo!

[Duplicate roles out of the way of Vigor's attack (which put quite a big hole in the floor) and then we cut to Beast Boy who sits up and rubs the back of his neck.]

Beast Boy: Did we beat him yet?

[Cut to Beast Boy's point of view as Vigor takes a swing at Duplicate who leans out of the way. Vigor notices Beast Boy again, and immediately fires a blast of energy at him. Cut to a shot of Beast Boy as he screams, turns into a turtle (which saves him from the blast), and then falls down a storm drain. Vigor growls at his escape and then turns back to Duplicate.]

Vigor: Okay, tough guy. You want in on the fight? Fine!

[Vigor charges for another blast. Seeing this, Robin comes running up from behind them swinging one of his grapplers.]

Robin: Look out!!!

[Vigor fires, Duplicate transforms into a green bird, flies over the shot, and then the blast hits Robin who was, too busy watching Duplicate to dodge the attack. Robin hits the floor and Duplicate flies over to Robin's side and transforms back to normal with his hands held up apologetically.]

Duplicate: Um…sorry?
Robin: Who are you?

[Before either of the boys can say anything else, Vigor's energy blasts come raining down on them. Robin quickly rolls to a safer place. Duplicate lifts his arms in the air (much like Beast Boy does when he transforms into a bird), but nothing happens. He puts his arms down and looks at his hands.]

Duplicate: Okay. So that trick only works once.

[One of Vigor's shots finally hits Duplicate, which knocks him to the ground. Cut to Vigor as the villain laughs wickedly. Suddenly an energy blast identical to the one's Vigor has been using comes flying at the evildoer from off screen. Vigor is knocked to the ground and the camera spins around to show Duplicate shaking his right hand, which is smoking at the fingertips.]

Duplicate: Ow! I don't recommend that without the metal gloves.

[Cut to a shot of the Titans, Robin in the foreground staring with his eyes and mouth wide open, Starfire floating a few steps behind Robin with her hands up to her mouth, Raven floating beside her with her raised eyebrow, Cyborg standing by a drain with his eyes wide, and Beast Boy climbing out of the drain.]

Beast Boy: Dude…

[Cut to their point of view as Vigor gets up breathing angrily. Duplicate turns slightly to look back at the Titans.]

Duplicate: Uh…guys, a little help?

[Robin pulls out his Bo staff, Raven and Starfire's hands glow, Cyborg readies his cannon, and Beast Boy transforms into a tiger.]

Robin: Titans---

[Before Robin can finish his battle cry, we cut to Vigor who rockets up into the sky again. Vigor looks down at Duplicate.]

Vigor: You're gonna pay for ruining my date with the Titans, kiddo!

[With that Vigor flies away leaving the Titans to stand at ease.]

Cyborg: Man, he's fast.
Robin: Don't worry. We'll track him down, but right now I think someone deserves a thank---

[Robin turns looks over and sees that Duplicate has also disappeared. Close up on Robin as he gets that suspicious look on his face. Cut to Duplicate running down a street and ducking into an alley. He leans his back against the wall and slides down to the floor panting. He catches his breath.]

Duplicate: Okay. Now I have super powers. This day just keeps getting better and better.

[Suddenly Duplicate hears the sound of an eagle above him. Cut to his point of view as he looks up to see the green eagle circling above. Cut back down to the alley again as a black portal opens beside Duplicate. Duplicate takes one look at the portal and makes a run for it just as Raven steps out of it and Beast Boy (human form) drops beside her. Duplicate runs down the street only to literally run into Cyborg.]

Cyborg: Chill, man. We just want to talk.

[Starfire lands beside Cyborg.]

Starfire: Please, we mean you no harm. We wish to thank you for your assistance.

Duplicate: (Sigh) It was nothing.

[Robin, Raven, and Beast Boy walk up.]

Raven: So, you got a name?

[Close up of Duplicate as he turns to Raven looking a bit embarrassed.]

Duplicate: I don't really know.

[The Titans all look at him confused. Cut to Titans Tower (dusk). Cut to the living room as Robin types away at the keyboard in front of the main monitor. The other Titans are all sitting on the couch with Duplicate who looks a bit nervous (except Beast Boy who is pacing the floor in front of them).]

Starfire: I have heard of this condition that you have. I believe that on this planet you call it amnesia.
Duplicate: Amnesia?
Beast Boy: No idea about your name, where you came from, how you got here, or even that you had super powers? Sounds like amnesia to me.

[Raven pulls her hood down and turns to Duplicate.]

Raven: Look…whatever your name is, I might be able to help you if you let me read your mind.
Duplicate: If you think it'll help, go right ahead.

[Raven puts both of her hands up to Duplicate's head. She and Duplicate close their eyes.]

Raven: Azarath Metrion Zinthose.

[Close up of Raven as she opens her now glowing white eyes and then pan the camera out to show that she is now standing alone in total blackness. She sweeps her hand in front of her and she's suddenly in the middle of a frozen scene from the fight they had with Vigor earlier. She waves her hand again and sees a frozen seen of them in the CD store where Duplicate first saw them. She wave her hand a third time and is once again in total darkness. She seems a bit surprised and waves her hand again, but nothing happens.]

Raven: Azarath Metrion Zinthose!

[Still nothing. Raven takes a look around and then closes her eyes. Cut back to the living room again where all the Titans (save Robin who is still at the computer) are looking at Raven who has just lowered her hands from Duplicate's head.]

Starfire: Were you able to find any clues as to our friends identity?
Raven: No, there was nothing in there…literally.

[Duplicate raises an eyebrow in confusion.]

Beast Boy: Don't worry, she says that about me all the time.
Raven: No one ever really looses their memory. The paths to those memories are just blocked.
Duplicate: Can't you…unblock them?
Raven: That's the thing. Your memories aren't just blocked. The paths to them have been destroyed.

[Beast Boy stands in the background scratching his head.]

Beast Boy: Okay. I'm not even going to pretend like I understood that.

[On the next line, Raven's eyes narrow.]

Raven: It means that our friend's memory loss is no accident.
Duplicate: You mean that someone did this to me on purpose?
Raven: Yes, and whoever it was is a very powerful telepath. Even stronger than me.
Cyborg: …Comforting thought.

[Robin gets up from the computer and walks over to the others.]

Robin: I've looked at every missing persons report on the west coast, but none of them match our friend here.
Duplicate: So what do we do now?

[Robin stands with a blank expression for a moment and then turns his head away.]

Robin: I'm widening the search, but I can't do much more. I'm sorry.

[Cut to a close up of Duplicate as he hangs his head in despair and we fade to black. Fade in to the game room of Titans Tower (as seen in "Overdrive") where Duplicate is slumping sadly on the couch throwing darts at the dartboard (not hitting the bull's eye). Cut to outside the room in the hallway where Cyborg and Beast Boy are all standing with their backs to the wall.]

Cyborg: Guy seems pretty broken up.
Beast Boy: Yeah, maybe one of us should go and talk to him.

[The two stare blankly at each other for a moment. Beast Boy pulls a penny from his pocket.]

Beast Boy: Call it!
Cyborg: Tails!

[Beast Boy flips the coin, catches it and frowns as Cyborg smiles.]

Cyborg: Good luck!

[With that, Cyborg zips down the hall. Beast Boy takes a deep breath and then walks into the game room.]

Beast Boy: Hey there…uh…buddy.
Duplicate: Hey Beast Boy.
Beast Boy: I---uh---was…umm---eh---
Duplicate: You loose the coin toss to come and talk to me?
Beast Boy: …You heard that? (Ears droop)
Duplicate: It's cool. I wouldn't know what to say to me either.
Beast Boy: Things would be a lot easier if we at least knew what to call you. Hey! How about Copy Cat? Ya know, because your powers copy stuff.
Duplicate: Uh no.
Beast Boy: The Imitator?

[Duplicate shakes his head and throws another dart at the dartboard.]

Duplicate: I wish I knew my name. Or at least something…
Beast Boy: I can tell you something about yourself.
Duplicate: What?
Beast Boy: You risked your life to help us defeat Vigor. That says a lot about you.

[Duplicate smiles. Robin is now seen in the hallway behind Beast Boy.]

Duplicate: Robin?

[Beast Boy turns around and Robin walks into the room.]

Beast Boy: How goes the search?
Robin: I'm widening the search to a global one. It's going to take some time for the computer to sort through all the data.
Duplicate: So…what do we do now?
Robin: Well…

[Starfire suddenly flies into the room in excitement.]

Starfire: We insist you stay with us until you regain your memories.

[Robin holds out a T-Communicator to Duplicate.]

Duplicate: You want me to be a Titan?
Robin: An honorary Titan. You're gonna have to hone your powers before going out into battle again.

[Duplicate takes the T-Communicator from Robin.]

Duplicate: I don't know what to say.
Robin: Welcome to the team.

[Cut to Starfire's point of view as she looks at the three Titans. She suddenly sees the silhouette of someone (girl with long hair) running past the door behind them.]

Starfire: Raven!

[She quickly flies out into the hallway.]

Starfire: Raven! Duplicate shall be staying with us! Is that not glorious news?
Raven: (Off screen) Yeah, great.

[A question mark appears above Star's head and she spins around to find Raven standing behind her.]

Starfire: Did you not just run down the hall?
Raven: No…
Starfire: But I clearly saw someone out here.
Raven: (Raising an eyebrow) I didn't see anything.

[Pan in on Starfire looking worried. Cut to the gym of the tower where everyone's doing their normal workout. Robin punching and kicking at the target fighting dummy, Cyborg lifting weights, Beast Boy attempting to do a chin-up, Raven concentrating to levitate several items around the room, but Starfire is standing beside Duplicate.]

Starfire: Tell me, does one glance give you access to all my powers?
Duplicate: I don't really know. So far I've only been able to use what I've seen.

[Duplicate looks over at Raven as she meditates. He then attempts to lift a weight with Raven's levitation powers. The weight hovers for a moment and Duplicate smiles proudly.]

Duplicate: Nothing to it.

[Suddenly the weight shoots across the room, flying passed Robin, knocking over Cyborg and, just as Beast Boy finally does his first chin-up, he ducks as the weight smashes right through the wall where his head was. Everyone looks over at Raven who gently puts down everything she had in the air.]

Raven: Wasn't me.

[A sweat drop slides down the side of Duplicate's face and he smiles nervously.]

Starfire: It is wise to keep composed when using Raven's powers.

[Cut to Beast Boy looking at the hole in the wall with his eyes wide in shock. Duplicate walks up.]

Duplicate: Sorry about that Beast Boy.

[Beast Boy looks through the hole that now shows the hallway outside. As he looks the silhouette of the girl from earlier runs passed the hole.]

Beast Boy: Huh?

[Beast Boy run off into the hallway to look around. Duplicate comes running after him.]

Duplicate: Hey, I said I was sorry.
Beast Boy: No, no. I just thought I saw someone out here.

[After another moment of looking around Beast Boy heads back into the gym with Duplicate behind him, but the camera remains in the hallway. Pan into a dark corner were a pair of glowing eyes appear and narrow. Fade to a view of Titans Tower (night).]

Duplicate's voice: Any particular reason we needed to meet outside?

[Cut to the Titans standing outside the tower's front entrance.]

Robin: Security reasons. Now are you sure you saw someone, Beast Boy?
Beast Boy: Yeah, there's definitely someone lurking around the tower.
Cyborg: Not possible. If anyone was in the tower, the sensors would have picked 'em up.
Duplicate: You sure about that?
Cyborg: Positive!
Robin: Still, I think we should do a quick search of the tower just in case.
Cyborg: You don't trust my scanners?
Starfire: I believe I saw someone lurking the halls as well.
Robin: We need to at least look into it. Starfire, you and Beast Boy take the top floors.

[Starfire flies up into the air and Beast Boy turns into a bird and flies after her.]

Robin: Raven, you and I'll check the basement. Cyborg, you and…uh our new friend can go and check on the scanners.

[With that, Robin and Raven head off leaving Cyborg looking very upset. Cut to the darkness of the basement. The door at the top of the staircase opens and Robin and Raven enter. Robin shines the flashlight around.]

Robin: I don't see anything. You picking anything up?
Raven: Actually, yes.

[Raven's eyes glow and she suddenly dodges to the left, but then wrenches forward as if hit in the gut and then is shoved forward over the railing.]

Robin: Raven!

[Robin reaches to catch her, but is pulled back, lifted in the air, spun around, and then thrown over the railing as well. Raven floats down safely only to be crashed into by Robin. They both get up and look to see the door to the basement swing open and shut again. They stare at each other dumbfounded. Cut to Cyborg and Duplicate in the living room with Cyborg hooked up to the palm scanner by the door.]

Cyborg: (Grumbling)

[Duplicate stands in the background swinging his arms limply back and fourth.]

Duplicate: Okay. So I just wait for you to finish that?

[Cyborg unplugs from the scanner.]

Cyborg: The scanners are all working fine. Just as I thought.
Duplicate: So…are we done?
Cyborg: Yeah. Time to report to that spiky haired over paranoid---

[Cut to Cyborg's point of view with Duplicate in the foreground as he sees the silhouetted girl running by the window in the background.]

Duplicate: What's wrong?

[Cyborg rushes passed Duplicate and heads after the figure. Cyborg ends up in the room with all the news paper clipping about Slade, but there's no sign of the intruder. Cyborg looks around and then sighs in defeat as Duplicate runs into the room.]

Duplicate: What are you chasing?
Cyborg: Maybe the scanners could stand an upgrade.

[Cut to all the Titans in the hallway talking.]

Robin: Okay Titans, we have an intruder on our hands and no explanations.
Cyborg: Who ever it is, they're using a cloaking technology similar to Red X's, but much more advanced.
Duplicate: Red X? Who's Red X?
Cyborg: Bad guy.
Raven: I was able to pick up a faint mental reading. But I didn't get much more than flashes like I did when I bumped into Terra.
Duplicate: Who?
Beast Boy: How would someone get in here?

[Duplicate opens his mouth to ask another question, but is cut off.]

Starfire: The Puppet King was able to enter in a crate.
Robin: Control Freak was able to get in through the television, too.

[Duplicate looks back and fourth between the Titans as they continued.]

Beast Boy: Maybe it's the Hive Five. We haven't seen them in a while.
Raven: No, they'd just burst through the front door.
Starfire: Slade and his army of robots was able to infiltrate us once.
Robin: Or it could be Red X himself. We still don't know how he got into the tower.

[Duplicate slumps in defeat and walks off into the living room. He then slumps in one of the chairs at the kitchen table.]

Girl's voice: Not getting along with the other Titans, stranger?

[Duplicate quickly gets up and looks around the room, but there doesn't seem to be anyone around. He starts backing towards the door.]

Duplicate: Who's there?
Girl's voice: The intruder. Who else?
Duplicate: Where are you?

[Zoom in on Duplicate's hand as he reaches for his communicator. It's suddenly slapped out of his hand and he's shoved away from the door. He stands ready to attack.]

Duplicate: Show yourself!
Girl's voice: Fine.

[Right in front of the door the head of a young girl with long black hair appears as if she just took off some invisible helmet. The rest of her appears a moment later and she's wearing a very familiar armored battle suit.]

Vigor: I told you that you'd pay, kiddo. That's why I'm taking you down first.
Duplicate: Vigor?!

[Vigor thrust her hand forward and shoots a blast of energy at Duplicate. The blast sends him flying into the window. Duplicate gets up and aims his hand at Vigor to return her attack, but she quickly puts on her helmet and disappears. Duplicate looks around for her, but is suddenly picked up and thrown onto the sofa which falls over. We hears Vigor's distorted laugh which is suddenly cut off when she's hit (and brought into visibility) by Cyborg's cannon blast. She is knocked onto her back and Duplicate gets up rubbing his head. In the background, the Titans all rush into the room and charge at Vigor.]

Robin: Titans! Go!

[The villain gets to her feet calmly and points her hands at the Titans. A blue beam shoots from the tips of her fingers and each one hits one of the Titans (except Duplicate). The Titans are now each trapped in a cylindrical force field of blue light just a few feet away from Vigor.]

Robin: What is this?!

[Vigor takes off her helmet, walks right by the Titans as they punch and kick at the force fields trapping them. Beast Boy just stands with his arms and mouth hanging low.]

Beast Boy: Vigor's a girl?!

[Vigor completely ignores Beast Boy and starts walking up to Duplicate who is standing ready for a fight.]

Vigor: Didn't have enough juice for a sixth force field, kiddo.
Duplicate: That's it! Just how many superpower do you have?!

[Vigor walks up to him and Duplicate throws a punch which she deflects. She grabs a hold of either side of the collar of his jacket and lifts him off the ground. Cut to the Titans all looking on helplessly.]

Starfire: No!
Beast Boy: New guy!
Cyborg: Let 'im go!

[The Titans double their efforts to escape. Robin kicks at the force field, Starfire unleashes a long eye blast, Beast Boy turns into an electric eel, Cyborg unleashes the power of both his sonic cannons, and Raven attempts to teleport out, but none of them are successful. Cut back to Duplicate and Vigor.]

Vigor: Any last words?
Duplicate: You ever heard of the wedge move in Karate?
Vigor: What?

[Suddenly Duplicate thrusts his clasped hands (his elbows out) upward between Vigor's arms making her release him. Before she can recover, his clasped hands come back down and hit her on the bridge of her nose and she falls to the ground. Cut to an upward camera angle with Vigor in the foreground and Duplicate standing over her.]

Duplicate: Neither had I until Robin did that kick back there.

[Vigor charges forward, but Duplicate uses Raven's powers to teleport away. She looks around the room for him with no luck. We pan down to her feet to see a small green snake slithering up to her. She looks down just in time for the snake's eyes to glow and fire an optic-blast at her. She falls to the ground and the snake turns back into Duplicate.]

Vigor: How did you---
Duplicate: A little help from my friends.

[Vigor charges her glove for another blast, but Duplicate quickly thrusts his hand forward and fires off one of Cyborg's sonic blasts. He hit's the glove which begins to spark (the fingertips still glowing) and Vigor looks at it in horror.]

Vigor: No!

[The glove fires off towards the ceiling ripping the metal fingertips right off leaving Vigor's real fingers smoking. She shakes her hand and then blows on the fingertip. The force fields holding the Titans disappear and they all surround Vigor. She puts her hands up.]

Vigor: Fine. Take me to jail.

[Robin grabs a pair of handcuffs from his belt, but just as he takes a step forward, Vigor smiles and turns invisible. The Titans all stand ready to fight as they look off in different directions for the villain.]

Duplicate: Where did she---

[Duplicate is suddenly pushed over, the window behind him is broken, and Vigor (turning visible once she's outside) flies off into the distance. Duplicate and the other Titans rush to the window, but there's no sign of Vigor.]

Duplicate: No! We can't let her get away! What do we do?

[Raven closes her eyes, puts one hand to her forehead, and reaches out with the other. After a moment she stands at ease.]

Raven: She's already long gone.
Duplicate: …I'm sorry. You guys trusted me and I let you down.

[Duplicate turns to Robin and offers him back the T-Communicator.]

Robin: You're going to quit that easily?

[Duplicate looks at Robin confused.]

Robin: I'll admit that you've made mistakes, but you haven't let anyone down.

[Duplicate reluctantly withdraws his communicator. Beast Boy steps in front of Duplicate heroically.]

Beast Boy: Yes! So continues the fantastic adventures of Beast Boy and his sidekick, Mimic!
Duplicate: Mimic?
Beast Boy: Hey, come on! That's the best one yet! Its not like I'm suggesting something lame like "Duplicate."

[Duplicate thinks about this about this for a moment.]

Duplicate: Ya know, that one's actually not that bad. Duplicate…
Beast Boy: Come on! That's the name you like?
Starfire: (Jumping up excitedly) Hurray for the naming of our new friend, Duplicate!

[Quickly pan out to a shot of Titans Tower (sunrises).]

Cyborg's voice: Well alright!
Raven's voice: Good for you.

[Fade to a dark alley where a cat is scouting the trashcans for food. A long scream is heard from above and then Vigor comes crashing into a dumpster. She sits up covered in filth.]

Vigor: Aurgh! Not enough power for that flight. Bleh! Why does every stinking dumpster have to have banana peels in it?!

[A dreary tune starts to play as we focus in on someone's feet as the walk into the alley (scaring the alley cat away). Vigor spots the silhouetted figure walking up in the foreground and she falls from the dumpster in surprise. She quickly composes herself.]

Vigor: H-hey boss lady! I-I-I need to-I wanna let you know---
Woman's voice: You failed to eradicate the Teen Titans.

[Vigor looks confused and then slaps her hand to her forehead in realization.]

Vigor: Right! Telepath…you already know. Well, don't worry! Next time---
Woman's voice: There won't be a next time, Vigor. But don't worry, no one ever has to live with failing me.
Vigor: What do you mean by---

[The woman waves her silhouetted hand in front of Vigor who suddenly gets a very sleepy look on her face. The woman walks off screen and Vigor snaps out of her trance.]

Vigor: Wha… Where am I? How'd I get out here?

[The figure walks off into the shadows and disappears.]

The End.
Edit 05/19/11: The voice actors I'd cast if this was actually animated are:
Gina Gershon as Vigor
Josh Keaton as Duplicate

As always, this is safe for the 6-11 age group that the series was aimed at.

Finally! Duplicate’s story has been touched-up and posted! Yay! That only took two years to officially finish. :dead: I actually finished it over a year ago, but I decided to change a few things before I posted it online.

I do plan to write more for Duplicate in the distant future, but for now you’ll have to be content with his origin as a Titan.
Please let me know what you thought, good or bad. I appreciate feedback on my stories more than anything else.

Also entering this in the :iconclubteentitansoc:’s “Your OC Fighting Someone” contest, because I think the opening fight is the best one I’ve been able to write thus far.

Teen Titans © Warner Brothers and Cartoon Network
Duplicate © ~SuperheroGeek13
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Bonbo1601 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is another amazing story from the one and only you. Big fan of your work, and this story is just...well, let's just say it makes my story writing skills look like a second hand banana XD. My favourite line was "New guy!" I can TOTALLY see that happening XDD. And I'm very curious to know who this lady is, and I've pretty much figured out already, like everyone else probably has, that she's the same person who took Duplicate's memory.

Sweet story, you're awesome :)
SuperheroGeek13 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very, very much! I'm so flattered that you've enjoyed my stories so much. :aww:
Don't feel second-banana. Writing, like anything else takes practice. I had to write about a thousand terrible sorties before I got any good ones out of my keyboard.
Yes, the mysterious lady is definitely up to no good. :evillaugh:

Thanks again! :thanks:
Bonbo1601 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You very, very welcome! I've written a few episodes, two for my character, Catnip (my profile picture), called episode 72: "Catnip" and episode 97: "Catnapped!" and I'm currently writing episode 102: "Shadow of Doubt" and a Teen Titans and The Batman crossover.

I can't wait to see what she's going to do next! What she's plotting, who's mind she's going to erase next x3. It's all exciting!!!

Once again, you're very welcome, and thank you for making me feel better about my writing skills X3 
wertmanwilliam Featured By Owner May 27, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool, really looking forward to finding out who this mystery woman is. All of your stories have been awesome and this one is no different. Can't wait til the next one. :D
SuperheroGeek13 Featured By Owner May 31, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Her purpose and identity shall be revealed in due time. :evillaugh:
Glad that you liked it. ^^
(All your positive comments are starting to go to my head. :lol:)
Teentitansgo144 Featured By Owner May 25, 2011
Your picture on the top of the story reminds me of multiple from x-men: evolution :/
SuperheroGeek13 Featured By Owner May 25, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I can see a slight resemblance there. :giggle: Odd, I didn't have him in mind at all when I designed Duplicate.
Thanks for the favorite. ^^
eightcrows Featured By Owner May 16, 2011   Traditional Artist
Whoa! That ending is so cool! It's so obvious with the memory stuff without outright saying it, it's just... WOW!!

The only thing I can think of that would help ME in reading these (and it's kinda weird) is if, for you OCs, you said in the description who you would cast as their voice actor. What I love about these is how you can totally hear each of the titans saying their lines, but then as I'm reading I hit a bit of a bump every time one of your characters speaks, because it suddenly switches to the neutral voice that I hear the words I read in. :XD: Weird request, I know, but that's really all I can think of by way of critique!

I really liked this one! Seemed very much like an episode they'd have in the show. :nod: And I love the "To be continued" feel of the end! Keep up the good work!
SuperheroGeek13 Featured By Owner May 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Glad the memory stuff wasn't an over powering element here. I was really worried that it'd get drawn out and boring after a while.

Nothing weird about that at all! I actually think about voice actors for them all the time. I just never thought anyone else would be intrested in that. I'll be happy to add that into the description.
For Vigor I'd cast Gina Gershon (Catwoman in The Batman). I was only able to find one line on YouTube for her voice. Its 00:27 seconds into this video. Obviously I'd want her to play it yonger though. [link]
I'm still trying to figure out Duplicate. I'm torn between Josh Keaton or Will Friedle.
Josh as Spider-Man: [link]
Will as Terry: [link]
What do you think? I don't expect you to watch those all the way through, but I thought I'd give you a sample of the voices.

Very happy to hear you enjoyed this script so much. Thanks for faving. ^^
eightcrows Featured By Owner May 18, 2011   Traditional Artist
Nah, it's good.

I see I see. I'd say the Spiderman guy more fits with how I'd imagine his voice. :laughing:

You're welcome!
SuperheroGeek13 Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Josh Keaton it is then. Thanks! :aww:
PocketGargoyle Featured By Owner May 16, 2011
Good to see this in completed form. I had no idea that ending was coming. Good job.
Maybe more stage directions and setting descriptions would help readers. We kind of have to imagine everything. Just intro every scene change with a description. For instance, the first sentence [We open to a few CDs sitting on a shelf.] should probably follow a description of the building. We get the point while reading, but it would be easier, and more like professional scripts, to have a scene description.
SuperheroGeek13 Featured By Owner May 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
This may be my first really successful suprise ending. Cool!
I remembered later that I had told you Vigor had nothing to do with Duplicate and then I went and changed it. ^^;
Descriptions and stage direction. Will try to include them more in my next script. :nod:
Estell-chan Featured By Owner May 13, 2011
I like the twist at the end since I didn't see it coming and it makes me wonder what will become of Vigor. My only criticism would be the script format since it was a little hard to read. However, it did have a episode feel to it so good job on that.
SuperheroGeek13 Featured By Owner May 14, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Glad to hear the twist at the end turned out suprising. ^^

I've heard that about the script format before, but its the only way I'm able to capture the flow of an episode without actually having to animate it. ^^;
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