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I’m first and foremost Catholic.
I’m also a writer, an amateur artist, and a born and bred geek.

There’s no gore, hentai, yaoi, or yuri in my gallery or favorites.

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Link! I'm sorry! I overslept!

Journal Entry: Mon May 19, 2014, 9:46 PM

Not much to update as of yet, but I wanted to snag one last journal skin before my subscription ran out. So here’s a little something I stole from eightcrows’ journal.

Enjoy, Zelda Fans!


1. What was your first Zelda game?
Link’s Awakening

2. Which game is your favorite?
Wind Waker

3. Which one was the hardest for you to beat?
I’ve never beat one, but the hardest one has been Twilight Princess. The Wii control scheme doesn’t work for me.

4. How old were you when you started playing video games? (Or Zelda specifically)
I was probably ten-years-old.

5. What is your favorite Zelda moment?
The entire ending of Wind Waker. Ganandorf’s speech about Link being the hero reborn, the team up with Tetra, Ganondorf going insane! It was all so spectacular!

6. If you could own any weapon or item from any of the games, which one would it be?
Buggy! Or--um, the Beetle from Skyward Sword. That’s the best! My second choice would be the Double Claw Shot. I’d love to web-sling with those!

7. Which dungeon would you say you enjoyed the most?
For actually playing; the first run through the Forsaken Fortress. Sneaking around was fun and I didn’t have to fight monsters everywhere!

Though my favorite dungeon all around is the Forbidden Forest. The whole place is just so alien and strange, but it’s still so clearly a forest. A very intriguing design.

8. Which dungeon would you say you enjoyed the least?
For actually playing; every dungeon other than the ones I mentioned above!

But I guess the one I least enjoyed was the City in the Sky. There was a weird chicken there!

9. Who is your favorite character overall?
Wind Waker Link. I totally underestimated that goofy kid and was pleasantly surprised by him.

10. Which corner of the Triforce would you have?

11. Which is your favorite Goddess (Din, Nayru, Farore)
Can’t I say Hylia? ...No? Fine, then it’s Nayrue.

12. What is your favorite Link design from all of the games?
Twilight Princess’ design is my favorite. He has such pretty blue eyes...

13. What is your favorite Zelda design from all of the games?
Skyward Sword’s design in the beginning of the game. I just love her outfit and she’s so expressive.

14. What is your favorite Ganondorf/Ganon design from all of the games?
Twilight Princess’ design. He was big and bad with plenty of expression and his beast form didn’t once make me giggle, “Heh, he’s a big piggy.” :giggle:

15. If you could be any character which one would you be?
Tetra! Tough pirate girl who turns out to be the princess of a lost kingdom and is a great shot with a bow. I’d love to play out that story!

16. If you could cosplay any character, which one would you pick?
Princess Hilda! I know next to nothing about her, but I’ll take any excuse to have blue hair!

17. Your favorite theme song from the series
Molgera’s Theme from the Wind Temple in Wind Waker. It’s so catchy and so exciting!

18. Your favorite Ocarina song
The Serenade of Water

19. Your favorite enemy?
Vaati. He’s the villain with a tragic backstory.

20. The enemy that throws you into a fit of rage when you have fight them?
Floormasters! If I don’t take them out in one panicked berserker move and they send me away, I rant and rave angrily until I get back to them.

21. What would you say is the main cause of death for you when you’re playing?

22. What do you prefer to keep in your bottles?
Fairies! As many fairies as possible!

23. What hopes do you have for “Zelda U”?
I’d like to see more travel between worlds like Twilight Princess and A Link Between Worlds.

24. What is your favorite mini game?
Fishing in Twilight Princess. Just because of Link’s adorable expressions!

25. What is your favorite & least favorite sidequest?
My favorite side quest was collecting figurines in Wind Waker and Minish Cap. My least favorite was probably collecting Treasure from Sea Charts. The good stuff is always guarded by cannons and sharks!

26. What is a sidequest that you’ve never been able to complete?
Uh, I don’t think I’ve ever completed any of them!

27. What would you say is your most challenging in-game moment?
Defeating Vaati’s final form in Minish Cap. I will defeat him one day!!!

28. Your ultimate LOZ OTP?
Ralph and Nayru. :giggle: They are a favorite of mine from back in the day, but my “Ultimate Pairing” would probably be Skyward Sword Link and Zelda.

29. Your ultimate LOZ NOTP?

Vaati and Zelda! No, no, no! Ew! The best case scenario you could get there is a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome! And that’s the best case! :bleh:

Ghirahim and Fi shipping is kind of annoying too.

30. Who was your favorite sidekick?
It’s a tie between the King of the Red Lions and Fi. Both made me tear up when they left.

31. Who was your least favorite sidekick?
Ezlo! He’s so mean to poor little Link! He actually smacks him!

32. Have you ever cried while playing a Zelda game?
Teared up plenty of times, but the only time I ever wanted to cry was the two times I mentioned above for question #30.

33. If you could own any mask from Majora’s Mask, which would you own and why?
The Bunny Hood! That way I could walk everywhere in mere minutes and get stuff done quicker. :nod:

34. What race do you think you would be if you lived in the Zelda world?

35. What’s a headcanon that you can’t let go of?
That Wind Waker Link has a twin brother named Vean? :XD:

36. What is your favorite place in the Zelda games?
It’s a tie between two extremely different places; Skyloft and the Twilight Realm. Skyloft because I just love the idea of a world where people live side by side with giant beautiful birds. And the Twilight Realm is just so pretty if you discount the ugly monsters trying to kill you.

37. How many Zelda games have you played?
I think I’ve played nine of them.

38. How many Zelda games do you own?

39. Your headcanons about the Zelda/Ganondorf/Link reincarnations?
Link is always a different person (not the same soul), Hylia is not constantly being reborn in each Zelda, and there’s only one Ganondorf.

40. Is there anything in the games that you wish were different?
I wish that the NPCs had actual voices.

41. What character did you dislike the most and why?
Tingle... Need I say more?

42. Your favorite in-game quote?
“Anchors aweigh!!! Hold the tiller steady!!! As for our destination... The wind will guide us!” -Tetra

43. What do you think the red, green, and blue potions would taste like?
Like flavored cough syrup, which never tastes like grape, strawberry, or anything else the label may claim!

44. What is your favorite title screen?
Ocarina of Time because it has those great shots of Link and Epona in the background.

45. Do you have any Zelda tattoos?
I used to draw temporary ones on my hand with gel pens. :shrug:

46. Would you drop everything and go live in Hyrule if you could?
Heavens no! It’s going to flood at some point!

47. If you could have any instrument from the games which one would you have?
Nayru’s time traveling Harp of Ages.

48. Which character would you team up with or rely on in a life threatening situation?
Komali. He’s great at swooping to the rescue.

49. What art style has been your favorite or you would like to see in future games?
Twilight Princess was the most stunning visually, but I have to admit that I love the cartoony style of Wind Waker. :D

50. How has LOZ made a difference in your life or the way you see video games?
It was my first introduction to the fact that a video game could have a worthwhile story.




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