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I’m first and foremost Catholic.
I’m also a writer, an amateur artist, and a born and bred geek.

There’s no gore, hentai, yaoi, or yuri in my gallery or favorites.

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Wow, I haven't updated my journal since I got my job four months ago. A testament to how active I've been on this site, no doubt. Well, here's a meme I actually completely forgot about until now! Well, half forgot and half didn't want to post until I was further along in Goofatopia, but that's a long wait for a ship that don't come. So, enjoy! ^^;

List 10 characters.

1. William “Bill” Anatidae III

2. The Grand Consort
3. Dr. William Anatidae
4. Corvus Corax Aves
5. Aliquam Tempus Fantasia
6. Draco Patterson
7. Abby Patterson
8. Felis Catus “Cat” Anatidae
9. Salix Violaceae
10. Viola Biflora Violaceae

[1] Out of all ten characters listed, which one is the most intelligent? Who is the dumbest?

Will: That would be me! Dr. William Anatidea! I know everything there is to know about everything that people know! :greetings:

Corvus: Are you saying that you’re actually smart, William?

Will: No! I’m a mad scientist! There’s nothing smart about that!

Corvus: Dually noted. As to the dumbest person on this roster…you might attribute that to Viola Biflora simply because she’s only nine-years-old.

Will: Sure, Corvus. Sure. Psst! It’s Corvus that’s dumbest! :turbopoke:

[2] What is the worst crime 9 (Salix) has ever committed?
Salix: I’ve never committed any sort of crime. I’m about as law-abiding as you can get.

Viola Biflora: :giggle:

Salix: What’s that for?

Viola Biflora: Oh, nothing. I was just thinking about that time we dared you to eat one of the pears off that tree in our neighbor’s---

Salix: And it didn’t happen, did it?!

Viola Biflora: Hee-hee! Only because she sent the dog---

Salix: It didn’t happen! Case and point! :facepalm:

[3] 1 (Bill) and 4 (Corvus Corax) must fix a dinner together. How do they cooperate in the kitchen? What kind of food do they fix, if any at all?
Bill: Ooh! We should make Macaroni and Cheese! I love Macaroni and Cheese!

Corvus: There is no nutritional value to that boxed side dish.

Bill: I’ll start measuring out the six cups of water for the noodles! :sprint:

Corvus: If you insist on having that rubbish, then we will at least have to make a proper meal to go beside it.

Bill: One cup!

Corvus: Perhaps we could bake these pork chops.

Bill: Two cups!

Corvus: Though I don’t have any sort of breading prepared. Young William, is there internet in this house?

Bill: Three cups!

Corvus: You see, I have to look up a recipe.

Bill: Four cups!

Corvus: :roll: Very well, I shall look for one in a cookbook like a caveman.

Bill: Five cups!

Corvus: Hmm, page six has a recipe for parmesan chicken.

Bill: Seven cups! …No, six. No… Augh! Corvus! Now I have to start over!

Corvus: Honestly young William, it’s not that difficult to boil water. Now then, what is your opinion on the parmesan chicken?

Bill: I don’t like chicken!

Corvus: Fine. …How do you feel about meatloaf?

Bill: That goes great with Macaroni and Cheese!

Corvus: Very good. And simply some steamed broccoli on the side then.

Bill: :bleh: No! I hate broccoli!

Corvus: Green beans are hardly ideal. Peas perhaps?

Bill: No, no, no! I don’t like that stuff. :X

Corvus: Your parents spoil you far too much.

Bill: What did you say about my Mom and Dad?! :evileye:

Corvus: …

Bill: :evileye:

Corvus: Fine. Just macaroni and cheese then.

[4] What channel (Disney, Discovery, National Geographic, et cetera) does 5 (Aliquam Tempus) watch the most?
Aliquam: Um, well the BBC has some pretty brilliant shows, but I usually don’t watch much telly.

[5] 7 (Abby Patterson) and 3 (Dr. William Anatidea) are walking down a street at night when they hear 2 (The Grand Consort) cry for help. What does 2 need help with, and will 7 and/or 3 help her?
The Consort: Augh! Somebody help!

Abby: Did you hear that, Doc?

Will: Sounded like the shriek of a helpless little girl.

The Consort: Hey!

Will: Wha-huh? The Grand Consort?! Here!?!

The Consort: Oh great, move along crazy people.

Abby: Do you need help with something?

The Consort: Not from the likes of you, thank you, ma’am.

Abby: Then why were you shouting? Did you spot a dragon?!

The Consort: No, ma’am. It’s just that I’ve been wandering around for almost an hour and now I’ve just ended up circling back to the same road again! Don’t you people believe in street signs?!

Will: Don’t need ‘em! We Goofatopians have an excellent sense of direction!

The Consort: Sure you do. Wait… AM I IN THE FORRBIDDEN REGION?!?!

Will: You’re a “smart” one aren’t ya?

The Consort: No wonder I haven’t run across anyone competent all day.

Will: Darn right!

Abby: You should wear your shirt inside out. Fairies can’t lead ya in the wrong direction if you’re wearing your shirt inside out.

The Consort: Uh…yeah… I’m going to leave now.

[6] Does 8 (Cat Anatidea) keep a clean room?
Cat: There! Floor waxed, carpet vacuumed, sheets washed, pillows fluffed, and shelves dusted.

Will: Incoming!


Cat: :cough: Will! What was that? :cough:

Will: Sorry, snuckums. Slight miscalculation on the rate at which those components expanded into a gas. Just a teeny tiny explosion! I promise!

Cat: Fine, but…you shook the whole house again! There’s dirt everywhere!

Will: Yes, there is. Side effect of having soil for a ceiling.

Cat: Can’t we get a house that’s above ground for a change?

Will: Anything you want, darling! I’ll build you one next week! Maybe a nice summer house in the mountains.

Cat: In the meantime, can’t TAG help out with the sweeping?

Will: :laugh: Don’t be silly, dear. Tag is still busy fixing the roof.

Cat: :no:

[7] 5 (Aliquam Tempus) and 10 (Viola Biflora) run a country together – what state is the country in, and how is it run?
Viola Biflora: Augh! There is no way that there is this much paperwork involved in running something like this!

Aliquam: I’m afraid that it does pile up quite quickly. One of these days, I’ll get a secretary that can actually read.

Viola Biflora: How do you keep up with it all?! I mean, the planning, and the money, and all the people breathing down your neck!

Aliquam: It helps that they’re all very good people. I bit demanding, yes, but they’re good people.

Viola Biflora: Is this a bill about…wigs?! Really?!

Aliquam: Why don’t you go down to check on that shipment of supplies? I’ll finish the paperwork.

Viola Biflora: Outside? Alone?

Aliquam: Everything will be alright. It’s perfectly safe out there.

Viola Biflora: There are armed Goofatopians out there!

Aliquam: Would you rather do the office work?

Viola Biflora: …

[8] 6 (Draco Patterson) may have possibly come into contact with a deadly disease, so he's being quarantined. He's allowed to bring something along with him - like a book or video game - to keep him entertained. What would 6 bring?
Draco: Leaping Lizards! It’s not a big deal! So the guy had the chicken pox. I’ve been exposed to them a thousand times! I’m immune!

Drake: You can’t be immune to chicken pox!

Abby: Sorry, Dray, but he’s right. Now step into the closet and nobody gets hurt.

Draco: Put down the broom, Abby. I’m not even sick!

Abby: Back! Back!

Draco: Okay, okay! Sheesh! Can’t I at least grab a book from the living room?

Drake: A book? Mom, it’s a trick!

Abby: I know, munchkin. Mommy’s got this.

Draco: Fine! I’ll go! Just throw me a yo-yo or something.

Abby: Drake, roll the yo-yo to him.

Draco: Leaping Lizards…

[9] 8 (Cat Anatidea) is kidnapped by 2 (The Grand Consort) and forced to play a game of Scrabble or die – and if 8 loses, 2 will kill her. Who is likely to win the game of Scrabble, and if 8 loses, how does 2 kill her?

The Consort: Have a seat, Mrs. Anatidea.

Cat: So, what sort of test is this?

The Consort: My psychiatrists tell me that it tests a person’s ability to reason under stressful situations.

Cat: Oh?

The Consort: You have to win this game or die.

Cat: Is that all?

The Consort: …Well, yes.

Cat: Fine. You go first.

The Consort: :O_o: I don’t think you grasp the gravity of the situation, ma’am.

Cat: Balderdash! I’m an experienced woman who’s had more edification than a troglodyte like you could ever tantamount to. This should be ephemeral.

The Consort: Wha-huh?

Cat: You go first.

[10] What is 4's (Corvus Corax) favorite time of day?
Corvus: Mid-afternoon when I’ve become well engrossed in my work. The order of the day to day tends to put my mind at ease.

[11] 10 (Viola Biflora), 9 (Salix), and 3 (Dr. William Anaitdae) get snowed in while at a cabin in the mountains. They have one twin bed, two blankets, a few bottles of water, and a little bit of beef jerky. Who gets what? Who suffers the most while they wait out the storm?
Viola Biflora: Wait, what kind of measurement is “a little bit” of jerky?! How are we supposed to divide our resources if we don’t know what our resources are???

Salix: Calm down, Flora. We’re going to be just fine.

Will: :ninjaeat:

Salix: Obviously you get the twin bed, for chivalry’s sake, and one of the blankets.

Will: :ninjaeat:

Salix: And the other---where did the beef jerky and the water bottles? :paranoid:

Will: Well! That is strange, isn’t it?

Salix: Are you seriously hoarding the supplies from a couple of helpless kids?

Will: Maybe you smart guys can think yourselves out of this!

Viola Biflora: Sal…?

Salix: Don’t worry. The old man has to sleep sometime.

Will: And I shall be sleeping on the bed! I have a bad back!

[12] If 7 (Abby Patterson) could steal anything – an object, a talent, or trait – from 6 (Draco Patterson), what would it be?
Abby: I’d steal the legendary legacy that is his birthright! The fabled story of the great photographer!

Draco: You kinda got that when you married me.

Abby: I got your name! The history behind it only runs through your veins! Even through our son’s! A legacy of heroes!

Drake: Mom…

Abby: You might as well be the seventh son!

Draco: I think you’re taking this a little too seriously, Abs.

Abby: Easy for you to say! You’re a Patterson!

Draco: So are you!

[13] Of all the characters, who has the best hygiene?
The Consort: That would be me.

Will: No kidding! I don’t think there’s a single hair out of place on that head of yours. Do you wear a toupee?

The Consort: Excuse me?

Will: Your glasses are even scratched at precise angles!

The Consort: They’re bifocals.

Will: Now that I get a good look at ya… Are you wearing makeup?

The Consort: Security! :rage:

[14] 1 (Bill), 4 (Corvus Corax), and 10 (Viola Biflora) are all staying the night in a haunted house. Who would be scared? Would any of them be skeptical? How does each of them sleep?
Bill: This place is neat.

Viola Biflora: That’s not what I’d call it. You don’t think this place has a…history…do you?

Corvus: A history of what, child?

Viola Biflora: The usual stuff…natural disasters, history of domestic violence…murder?

Corvus: Are you seriously worried about ghosts?

Bill: What’s ghosts?

Viola Biflora: Nothing… Just ectoplasmic energy and post human consciousness swirling in one angry mess! :fear:

Corvus: You’ve delved into literature of a fictitious nature, haven’t you?

Bill: Neither of you makes any sense. :no:

Viola Biflora: I’m never going to get to sleep tonight! :tantrum:

Corvus: Then you won’t mind if I go off to find the bedrooms. Goodnight.

Bill: Aren’t you scared of the ecto-posts?

Corvus: I don’t believe in such things.

Bill: Does that make them less dangerous?

Corvus: Absolutely not. Just more tolerable.

Bill: :O_o:

[15] What would be the worst possible job 1 (Bill) could work?
Cat: Pssst! The absolute worst job for our Billy-boy would be for him to follow in his granddad’s footsteps.

Bill: Following footsteps?

Will: What are you whispering about, Cat?

Cat: Nothing you two need to worry about. One mad scientist in the family is more than enough.

[16] 6 (Draco Patterson),  8 (Cat Anatidae), and 9 (Salix) must compete in a talent show. What do they do for their talent, and who would win?

Salix: :juggle:

Cat: That’s the best you can do, wipper-snapper? Let me show you a real talent!

Salix: :juggle: But it’s not your---

Cat: :katana:

Salix: :O_o:

Cat: Who do you think taught Anatidae how to handle a sword? :greetings:

Salix: :surrender:

Draco: Is it my turn yet?

Cat: Give me your best shot! :katana:

Draco: Very well! :begone:

Cat: Ah! Where’d he go?

Draco: DOWN HERE!!! :boing:

Cat: :O_o:

Draco: Pretty cool, right?

Cat: Shrinking is not a talent!

Draco: :winner:

Cat: T_T

[17] What is 2's (The Grand Consort's) biggest pet peeve?
The Consort: This question wasn’t on my schedule! How am I supposed to prepare properly to answer without proper notice?! No, no, no! We are holding a press conference later to clear up this matter! I need to consult with my people! :noes:

[18] If 5 (Aliquam Tempus) won the lottery for 25 million dollars, what would he do with the money?
Aliquam: Time to head to the bookstore. :nod:

[19] What was 10's (Viola Biflora’s) favorite toy growing up?
Viola Biflora: My big sister always liked stuffed animals, but my favorite thing to play with has always been my coloring books!

Viola Tricolor: And you’re very talented. You should really move on to drawing your own pictures.

Viola Biflora: No thanks. I’m perfectly happy to just color. :aww:

[20] 1 (Bill) tags three characters belonging to other people to do this meme…! WHO ARE THEY?

Bill: What’s tag mean? Am I it?! I don’t want to be it! :noes:

Drake: This meme is almost two years late. FireFiriel tagged you back in July of 2013. I don’t think SuperheroGeek13 has the right to tag anyone.

Bill: What’s a meme?


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