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I’m first and foremost Catholic.
I’m also a writer, an amateur artist, and a born and bred geek.

There’s no gore, hentai, yaoi, or yuri in my gallery or favorites.

:bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletblue: My second account: VeanOracleofLight. :bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletblue:
I was tagged by PocketGargoyle with this, which is perfectly fine with me since I haven’t had a really good meme to play around with in a long while!

RULES: Answer the questions with any of your own characters. (AU fanfiction characters absolutely count, since this can help you get a better handle on any character and can be a good way to define how your take on a character differs or parallels the original creator's.)
Link back to the original source [… ] Tag someone!

Dwayne from Athol

:bulletblack:1. What would mentally destroy your character?
If he was pitted against someone he loved it would break him. Not just having a difference of opinion or being betrayed by them (those things have happened to him before), but someone he loves coming at him with murderous intent and him having no choice but to defend himself would break him.

:bulletblack:2. How does your character feel about his mother and father?
Dwayne has only ever seen his mother a handful of times and is rather resentful towards her for not wanting to be a part of his life.
His father is his best friend and the one person in the world he knows he can turn to in a time of need. He does tend to mistrust his Dad’s judgment on certain things just because they have very different ways of dealing with things (his Dad is easily angered and a bit unforgiving while Dwayne’s a lot more easygoing), but he’d never go against his Dad in any decision.

:bulletblack:3. When did your character feel completely loved and accepted?
That would be back when he was still very young and his Mom would still come around to visit him on his Birthday. The last time she came, Dwayne was five-years-old. He sat between his parents while eating his birthday cake and felt completely loved and accepted as his parents both smiled down at him.

:bulletblack:4. What would have to happen to make your character speak out, or, defend a stranger, in public?
He absolutely hates conflict and is usually unlikely to get involved unless it’s to diffuse the situation. The only thing that would make him step up like that would be if he felt that the stranger was in genuine danger (and even then he’d be looking for an escape route for the two of them).

:bulletblack:5. What does he lie about?
His true allegiances. He plays at being loyal to his teachers, but he is constantly looking for a way to undo everything they’ve built.

:bulletblack:6. Does your character need friends?
Yes, he really does. While he is friendly with many of his fellow students, he has never had a real friend besides his Dad. He gets rather lonely dealing with all his life threatening problems on his own.

:bulletblack:7. What physical thing does your character fear most?
Having his humanity forcefully ripped away from him. Being turned into a monster with no choice in whether or not he hurts anyone terrifies him.

:bulletblack:8. If your character could choose to spend his last day alive with one person (dead or alive), who would he choose?
He’d want to spend his last day with his father, but this would have to be under the “dead or alive” far off in the future sort of thing because he’d never want his father to have to bury him.

:bulletblack:9. What is his defining strength?
He is hopeful. In the face of every bad thing that has happened to him and everything that he knows will happen to him, he’s never given up hope.

:bulletblack:10. Is he able to work for someone else?
He works well with others, but he does have problems taking orders. He won’t put up much of a fuss, but he will sneak around and do things his own way.

:bulletblack:11. Does your character have a positive or negative body image?
He’s got the same insecurities about his body image as any other sixteen-year-old, but he’s always worried more about looking clever than looking hansom.

:bulletblack:12. Who, or what, would your character die for?
He doubts that he could give up his life for anything, he’s always fought for his own survival, but there are things he’s recently come to consider worth dying for.

:bulletblack:13. Does your character have a plan for tomorrow? Next week? Next year?
He’d had plans moving all the way up from his higher education to his reform of the school once he’d taken over as Headmaster of the Sage’s school. All those plans have been thrown out the window recently and now he has none other than living day to day because he has no guarantee of anything further.

:bulletblack:14. Is your character resilient enough to change?
He is capable, but he will resist such until he’s sure that there is no other choice.

:bulletblack:15. What would your character think if he could see you now?
He’d think me very weird for wearing a hat from a kids’ cartoon when I’m nearly ten years older than him. :icondipperplz:

That’s all for now. Thanks for the tag, PG!

Oh! And I now tag, eightcrows to fill this out as well! Enjoy!


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