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I’m first and foremost Catholic.
I’m also a writer, an amateur artist, and a born and bred geek.

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Time for another meme! One of these days I'll actually get around to writing a proper journal entry, but tags like this are too much fun!

Tagged by FireFiriel

List 10 characters.
1. Kennet
2. Iraja
3. Zared
4. Ahir
5. King Adelrik
6. Princess Delia
7. Evren
8. Cale
9. The Fotia of Samar
10. The River Nymph of Samar

[1] Out of all ten characters listed, which one is the most intelligent? Who is the dumbest?The most intelligent would be Evren. He knows a bit about everything and is always striving to uncover the vastness of the universe.
The least intelligent is Cale, but that’s mostly by choice. He is very selective about what he knows and he’s happy to be ignorant about goings-on in far off lands.

[2] What is the worst crime 9 (The Fotia) has ever committed?
She’s killed thousands of people over the centuries, so that adds up to a pretty high crime.

[3] 1 (Kennet) and 4 (Ahir) must fix a dinner together. How do they cooperate in the kitchen? What kind of food do they fix, if any at all?
Kennet would abhor the very thought of his father in his kitchen! :noes: But if Ahir insisted he wouldn’t go as far as to throw him out. Kennet would pretend that he wasn’t there and maybe give him a task that wasn’t even related to the meal to pacify him.
Kennet usually cooks baked vegetables with lots of herbs there would probably be tea as well.  


[4] What channel (Disney, Discovery, National Geographic, et cetera) does 5 (King Adelrik) watch the most?
There’s no such thing as television in this land, but I guess he’d enjoy game shows and talk shows.

[5] 7 (Evren) and 3 (Zared) are walking down a street at night when they hear 2 (Iraja) cry for help. What does 2 need help with, and will 7 and/or 3 help her?
Evren would rush to the sound and Zared would follow after hesitantly because he’d recognize his sister’s voice and suspect a trick.
Iraja would be screaming in frustration because some monster won’t fall to her blades. The two gentlemen wouldn’t help because the minute they stepped in Iraja would turn her blades on them for interfering.

[6] Does 8 (Cale) keep a clean room?
No, he’s a messy teenage boy who’s always tracking in mud and straw from the pens.

[7] 5 (King Adelrik) and 10 (The Nymph) run a country together – what state is the country in, and how is it run?
The country is largely at the mercy of the whims of the spirits like the Nymph, but King Adelrik has a great deal of authority with them which he uses to help benefit both their realms.

[8] 6 (Princess Delia) may have possibly come into contact with a deadly disease, so she's being quarantined. She's allowed to bring something along with her - like a book or video game - to keep her entertained. What would 6 bring?
She’d bring a few potted plants so that she wouldn’t miss the castle garden so much.

[9] 8 (Cale) is kidnapped by 2 (Iraja) and forced to play a game of Scrabble or die – and if 8 loses, 2 will kill him. Who is likely to win the game of Scrabble, and if 8 loses, how does 2 kill him?
Iraja isn’t really the kidnapping type, but I’ll play along here. Iraja would stink at a game like scrabble because she doesn’t have much patience for such bookish pursuits. On the other hand, Cale can’t even read, so he’d still lose quite soundly. Iraja would be grateful that the game was over quick and probably kill Cale quickly in return. One swift sword strike and done.

[10] What is 4's (Ahir's) favorite time of day?
Every moment he spends trapped in the valley of Samar is his least favorite time. His favorite time of day will be whatever moment in which he regains his freedom.

[11] 10 (The Nymph), 9 (The Fotia), and 3 (Zared) get snowed in while at a cabin in the mountains. They have one twin bed, two blankets, a few bottles of water, and a little bit of beef jerky. Who gets what? Who suffers the most while they wait out the storm?
The Nymph and Fotia are both spirits, thus Zared would get the bed, both blankets, all the water, and all the beef jerky because he’s the only one with need of such things. Zared and the Nymph would be happily discussing the wonders and beauty of the snow storm like a couple artsy poets, so the Fotia would suffer much in having to listen to them. But after a day or so of this the Fotia might get frustrated and just burn the house down, so the other two would end up suffering the most!

[12] If 7 (Evren) could steal anything – an object, a talent, or trait – from 6 (Princess Delia), what would it be?
Well, Evren would love to have the Princess’ inherited ability to communicate with the spirits, but to even think such a thing be most heretical! Evren has far too much respect for the blessing of the Royal Family.

[13] Of all the characters, who has the best hygiene?
I’ll go ahead and give this to Princess Delia. Being royalty does mean bathing with sweet perfumes is kind of a regular thing. And the princess does love sweet flowery smelling things.

[14] 1 (Kennet), 4 (Ahir), and 10 (The Nymph) are all staying the night in a haunted house. Who would be scared? Would any of them be skeptical? How does each of them sleep?
Ahir actually has a strong aversion to things like ghosts and vengeful spirits in general, so if anyone is afraid it’ll be him, but that’ll just make him agitated which will in turn make everyone else nervous.
No skeptics in this group, though Kennet would be a bit presumptuous about knowing how to handle/talk to the ghosts.
The Nymph doesn’t really need sleep so she’d keep watch all night which would help the others to sleep well.

[15] What would be the worst possible job 1 (Kennet) could work?
GamerintheZone: A Computer Technician.
Me: But… :-? But in Jackshot… :O_o::giggle: :rofl:
GamerintheZone: B-)

[16] 6 (Princess Delia), 8 (Cale), and 9 (The Fotia) must compete in a talent show. What do they do for their talent, and who would win?
The Princess would play an upbeat tune on the harp, Cale drag everyone to the farm so they could watch him herd sheep, and the Fotia would do a fire dance.
Cale might have won, but he made a speech about how real talent is being skilled in useful things that can make you a living, thus alienating the audience. Thus Princess Delia would win on account of everyone hating the Fotia’s performance. (Fire is sort of taboo.)

[17] What is 2's (Iraja’s) biggest pet peeve?
She used to hate how her hair would get in her face when she flew. That’s why she has it cut so short.

[18] If 5 (King Adelrik) won the lottery for 25 million dollars, what would he do with the money?
Well, he’s already rich, so he’d likely use the superfluous wealth to do more for his subjects.

[19] What was 10's (The Nymph’s) favorite toy growing up?
The sparkling spring of water that eventually became her river.

[20] 1 (Kennet) tags three characters belonging to other people to do this meme…! WHO ARE THEY?
Kennet: I only know those I met when… I choose William, Bettina, and Octavian.


That was fun! Thanks so much for the bring this one back around, FireFiriel! I'm glad I got to cover these characters here. :aww:
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