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United States
I’m first and foremost Catholic.
I’m also a writer, an amateur artist, and a born and bred geek.

There’s no gore, hentai, yaoi, or yuri in my gallery or favorites.

:bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletblue: My second account: VeanOracleofLight. :bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletblue:
Now for a Batman quiz that one could do it with all manner of things if they wanted to change it around a bit (and I probably will revisit this for other heroes and such later). I wasn’t tagged exactly, but I think my friends just know by now that I’ll hijack any good meme they fill out (especially if it's superhero related). :XD:

:batman: For each character, say the name of the actor that is your favorite portrayal/you think does the best job portraying, them!

Bruce Wayne: Rino Romano (from The Batman cartoon). I never really cared much about times when Bruce wasn’t being Batman (like at board meetings and fundraises etc.) until I met this version of the character. When he almost lost the Children’s Hospital that one time I was genuinely feeling for Bruce. :tears:

Dick Grayson: Scott Menville (from the Teen Titans cartoon). As much as I love the other Robins, this is the one I take the most seriously as a hero in his own right.

Alfred Pennyworth: Michael Caine (from the Batman Begins trilogy). Whenever the other versions started complaining that perhaps Batman would need to find a new Butler/Doctor/Get-away-driver I would feel sorrier for Bruce. But when this version said that he wouldn’t bury Bruce if he didn’t come back…then I felt for Alfred.

James Gordon: Bob Hastings (from Batman: The Animated Series). This is the voice I always imagine for him whenever I’m reading any comicbook.

Barbara Gordon: Dina Meyer (from the short-lived Birds of Prey series). There was just something about this more motherly version of her that always stuck with me. (And it helped that she was never really Batgirl, because this character usually annoys me in some way or another.)

Joker: Mark Hamill (from Batman: The Animated Series). No contest. The others are either too silly or too creepy for me.

Selina Kyle: Eartha Kitt (from the 60s’ Batman series). Though this new Camren Bicondova (from the Gotham series) would probably have won this spot if I wasn’t still getting over how she scratched that guy’s eyes out. :dead:

Edward Nigma: Cory Michael Smith (from the Gotham series). Yeah, he’s already stolen my heart. He’s so a-dork-able, but still suave enough to be the narcissistic nut I know and love.

Oswald Cobblepot: Tom Kenny (from The Batman cartoon). I generally don’t care much for the Penguin, but this version is at least funny at times. And he’s got the best laugh too.

Jonathan Crane: Cillian Murphy (from the Batman Begins trilogy). This is mostly because I have a long standing crush on the actor. :giggle: He has such a talent for being either completely loveable or creepily sinister, which lends itself to playing the Scarecrow.

Victor Fries: Clancy Brown (from The Batman cartoon). Okay, I know that his puns are beyond lame, but I didn’t care in the least once I saw him in action. This version elevated Fries from a guy with a freeze gun to a full blown supervillain!

Pamela Isley: Piera Coppola (from The Batman cartoon). She’s the only poison ivy that isn’t just there for fan service/sex appeal. And she was really out to be an eco terrorist too! She doesn’t have time to flirt with the boys because she’s planning to kill them all! :noes:

Harvey Dent: Richard Moll (from Batman: The Animated Series). I have to admit that I can never take the perfect half and half face scaring seriously (except maybe in The Dark Knight, but he’s so grotesque that I can’t even look at him), but this version had such a great background with all the buildup of his split personality!

Bane: Danny Trejo (from the Young Justice cartoon). Bane is rarely more than just a bruiser that comes in and beats the snot out of Bats. This version showed that he was very capable of being a much bigger threat intellectually and motivationally.

Ra's al Ghul: Liam Neeson (from Batman Begins). This was the first version of him that I ever met and none of the others have been able to trump him yet.

Killer Croc: Steve Blum (from the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game). For being a big scary monster of a man, Croc is usually pretty laughable. That’s sure not the case with this Croc! That level where you fight him in tunnels and he keeps popping out of nowhere was horrifying! :fear:

Solomon Grundy: Bruce W. Timm (from the Justice League cartoon). I never cared in the slightest about Grundy until I watched the episode “Wake the Dead.” :(

Clayface: Steve Harris (from The Batman cartoon). Honestly one of my favorite characters from this entire series. Detective Ethan Bennett was great. :aww:

I guess that wraps things up for this round. Mayhaps I’ll fill this out with Spider-Man characters next round. :spidey:
Thanks for reading! TTYL.



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